New & Upgraded QuickBooks iPad POS Solutions for Groceries and Salons Finally Launched -


Read this article and discover the latest news relates to iPad POS systems – the new and upgraded QuickBooks iPad POS solutions for groceries and salons are finally launched!

One of the most popular POS vendors and iPad Point of Sale management solution for traditional or brick-and-mortar stores – Revel Systems is officially presenting the special grocery and salon vertical solution that integrate directly with QuickBooks. So, what is actually new about this POS solution? How can this software help you manage your salon or grocery store easier? Keep reading this article and you will discover more information.

So, the new and upgraded QuickBooks Point of Sale solution for retail, salons, groceries, and restaurants are powered by Revel Systems. The reason why Revel Systems decided to develop this product is that they have seen an increased demand from grocery and salon store owners and operators are desperately looking for a way to stay competitive with modern and up-to-date payment technology.



what about the new features?

What about the new features? A lot of business owners would like to know what are the features the new and upgraded QuickBooks iPad POS software brings. In other words, what can we expect from this software?

The new features and options for QuickBooks POS for groceries, retail stores, salons, and restaurants include add-on services and products, appointment scheduling, employee management, and sharing assignments, price-embedded barcode labels, integrated scales, and much more. Of course, some of these features are specially designed for salons, while others are specially designed for groceries. If you are interested in implementing this new Point of Sale software, you need to consult with the vendor and decide which POS system is suitable for your type of business.

The senior vice president of small business at Intuit, Karen Peacock announced that new and upgraded QuickBooks Point of Sale for groceries, salon, retail, and restaurants not only address the specific needs and requirements of the small businesses and startups in essential verticals, but this software also make sure they never lose a sale and have all the industry-specific features and tools they need to shine.

Implementing the POS software

So, by integrating with QuickBooks online, these new and improved iPad Point of Sale software allows retail stores, as well as, grocery and salon store owners to concentrate on running their business and not spend time worrying about their books, especially now with the instant insights and automatic data transfers.

So, how you like the new iPad solution? Is it something your grocery or salon store would use? Is it something you as a business owner will use? You can consult with certain individuals who have experience in this industry and find out more about the POS systems and how you and your business can benefit from these systems.

You can also talk with people who have already implemented the POS system and discover whether or not they are satisfied. We can ensure you that you will be completely satisfied with the software. If the software is too expensive for you to purchase it, you can always explore other options such as renting the software per month and etc. There are many online articles that clearly describe the difference between buying and renting the Point of Sale system. You can check these articles and decide which option is more suitable for you and your type of business.



The important thing is to understand the system and how valuable it can be to implement it and start using it. Implementing the POS software is probably the best thing you can do for your salon or grocery store!


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